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Sculpting Methods
Awareness of Detail, Form & Likeness

3-Dimensional sculpture that holds life, integrity of form, and function is what separates beauty from mediocrity.

The Wolf Pack stone sculpture (right) consists of three adult wolves and two wolf pups. It is made of Cast Stone with GFRC, Dye Stain finish with dry brush highlight. The Wolf Pack Wildlife Scuplture is a Total of nine separate molds.

Finished size: Width 12’- 6”, Length 7’

Wold Pack Wildlife Sculpture
Wolf Pack - Cast Stone Sculpture with GFRC
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The Sculpting Process
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Sculpture Armature
Structure, Proportion, Anatomy
Sculpture Integrity
The Sculpture Framework
Structure, Proportion, & Anatomy
Integrity in Form and Function
Transition towards likeness
Sculpture details and finishing
howling Wolf Sculpture Detail
Transition Towards Llikeness
Sculpture Details and Finishing
Detail of Howling Wolf Sculpture
Sculpture Mold Making
Hard Shell Preparation
Fiberglass Mold

Mold Making

A Mix of 2 parts Polyurethane high strength mold rubber is applied

Hard Shell Preparation

Resin & Fiberglass sections are built for mold strength and integrity

Fiberglass Hard Shell

Common Materials Used For Casting a Sculpture:

Cast Metals:

  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Copper (based on availability)

(GFRC) Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete:

  • Air Entraining Portland Cement
  • Limestone Aggregate
  • Plasticizer combined w. (GFRC)

Cold Cast Metals:

  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Nickel (recommended for) small / medium projects

Finishes and/or Patina’s
(The desired finish varies depending on the particular medium chosen)

Cast Metals:

  • A variety of Chemicals are applied to achieve a desired appearance
  • Buffed and Polished

(GFRC) Glass Fiber Reinforced

  • Pigment and / or Dye stain
    applied for desired color
  • Dry Brush Highlight
  • Sealed with a High Gloss/ Matte Sealer

Cold Cast Metals:

  • Buffed and Highlighted


howling wolf sculptures


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Clifford Frederick is a popular and acclaimed sulpture artist. He offers more than just magnificent works of sculpture art, this artist brings new meaning to his artistic trade. Clifford Frederick is available for commissioned works of art, as well as having unique sculptures and drawings available from his gallery for sale. These are limited edition works of art. Located in Western Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. is another fine display of Clifford's work built within the Athena Garden.

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