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Chinese Dragon Decorative Sculpture

Ancient Chinese Dragon (CF 001LE)

Limited edition of 500
$ 1,500.00 gfrc

27”H x 10.5”W x 99.5”L

This exquisite sculpture of an ancient Chinese Dragon originated from a miniature in a temple in China. The dragon in the Chinese culture has several metaphors depending on certain elements; this particular pose implies power and grace. The scale of the piece, 8’ (L) x 2 _’ (W) x 3’ (H) is just as impressive as the accomplished detail. Clifford Frederick’s is now offering this piece as a limited edition.

There is an interesting history behind this dragon. The artist’s grandfather had purchased an antique bronze miniature of the dragon over fifty years ago, keeping it in a place of honor at his home. The artist and the grandfather shared the awe in the workmanship of this dragon. Knowing the appreciation that his grandson had for the dragon, the elderly grandfather gave Clifford Frederick the miniature as a gift. The original miniature now resides on the artist’s hearth.

This amazing creature was hand sculpted out of clay. The dragon’s astonishing detail will leave you speechless. Each one of the thousands of scales were carefully applied one at a time.

  • Made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
  • Available in multiple colors  
  • Reinforced with rebar



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Clifford Frederick is a popular and acclaimed sulpture artist. He offers more than just magnificent works of sculpture art, this artist brings new meaning to his artistic trade. Clifford Frederick is available for commissioned works of art, as well as having unique sculptures and drawings available from his gallery for sale. These are limited edition works of art. Located in Western Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. is another fine display of Clifford's work built within the Athena Garden.

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